Angus is one of Britain’s highest performing instructors, but I taught him everything he knows

Dan McManus, top British big-wall climber


Here you’ll find a bit about me and my climbing, details on the courses and services I provide or maybe just some interesting blog content.

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Day 7 on El Capitan, 3000ft up in Yosemite Valley. Photo: Hazel Findlay

Climber and Outdoor Professional based in North Wales UK with 15 years of climbing experience

For me, climbing is a lifestyle; I travel around the world to climb and when I’m not on the rock I coach people remotely and write and talk about climbing to inspire others.

My focus as a Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor is sharing my passion, whether it’s introducing people to the mountains or developing the skills and performance of ambitious climbers. I guide, coach and instruct clients in the UK and overseas. I have experience working for Plas y Brenin, Rock and Sun and other reputable UK activity providers, but I primarily work with private clients that come to me directly for tailored courses.

Waking up on a 700m wall in Brazil. Photo: Rob Johnson

More About Me

I found climbing when I was fourteen and instantly became a climber. I fell in love with the adventure and athleticism of climbing and have since fully immersed myself in the world of climbing. Climbing is now my work and my play; when I’m not working I spend months at a time climbing full-time and when I’m back at work I bring other people into my world through instruction, guiding and coaching.

Standing tall in the Deiniolen slate quarries, photo: Ray Wood

I now have more than fifteen years of climbing experience and take every opportunity to escape ordinary life and pursue my passion. I have made my home among the mountains in North Wales where I work as an Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor. I have travelled overseas to climb in Europe, Turkey, India, Brazil, China and USA, but I can still find just as much adventure on the crags of the British Isles.

Resting my arms on Red Dragon 8a+ at Moon Hill, Yangshuo, China. See my self-made video in this blog post

I am passionate about performance climbing and love finding my limit on the end of a rope. For me, the chance to share my passion and support other climbers in getting the most out of their climbing is a dream. As I live and breathe climbing, spend much of my time engaged in mental training, write about climbing and perform at high levels, I bring something unique to my work.

A short video of Trauma E8/9 7a, Llanberis Pass

I’d like to thank DMM Climbing, Rab Equipment and Scarpa for supporting me; I’m fortunate to work with companies whose ethos I support and whose products genuinely help me get the most out of my climbing.

Enjoying the sunset after a long day on the Aiguille de Blaitiere, Mont Blanc Massif, France photo: Hazel Findlay

Featured Link: The Day I Sent Indian Face E9 6c, Evening Sends

“For some reason, it felt as if the consequence no longer mattered—the dice had already been rolled, the outcome was no longer my concern, only the climbing.”

The Day I Sent Indian Face

If you’ve got any questions about my climbing, coaching or any of my work, feel free to send me a message through the link below.

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