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I’m based just outside Llanberis, among the mountains of Snowdonia, North Wales. I do most of my guiding, coaching and instruction in and around North Wales.


Instructional fees are roughly based on a £250 day rate (as of 2023)

1 person – £240 per day pp

2 people – £125 per day pp

3 people – £90 per day pp

4 people – £80 per day pp

Multi-pitch climbing courses run at a 2:1 ratio, single-pitch and skills courses can be run at a 1:4 ratio.

Naturally, more tailored instruction can be given to smaller client groups.

Special rates are available for larger or multiple bookings.

All courses are tailored around you. Have a look at Guiding and Instruction for ideas, check out my brief guide to climbing or just get in touch if you have any questions

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It really was wonderful and I appreciate the great amount of effort Angus went to, making everything go smoothly and safely. Angus appraised our needs perfectly, we enjoyed ourselves immensely, learnt a lot, and I don’t think we could have had a better time!

Alison P, Newcastle, England

After a more than 16-yr absence from my days of regular multi-pitch climbing, myself and a friend booked a weekend with Angus to bring us back up to speed on all things multi-pitch trad. Over a brilliant and really worthwhile weekend Angus helped us to brush the dust off our knowledge, adding to it massively at every turn. Angus shared from his wealth of experience freely and usefully – covering gear placement, rigging and rope work, setting up belays quickly and efficiently, uses of different belay arrangements (guide mode, direct, etc) and their pro’s and con’s. On our second day, we put all this to good practice on the Classic ‘Main Wall’ on Cyrn Las, with Angus ever-present somewhere nearby to assist! A memorable and really enjoyable weekend, with a very friendly, professional and knowledgeable guide, I cannot recommend Angus highly enough.

Dan G, Shropshire, England

Well delivered training from a very accomplished climber. I had been sport climbing for a number of years and it was finally time to move on to trad climbing. Angus was very clear and professional at explaining what and how we perform the given tasks. At no point did I feel out of my depth and I really appreciated Angus’s teaching style of waiting for me to spot my own mistakes and allowing me to work it out for myself. I would highly recommend Angus for those who are beginning to climb or those wanting to branch into professional territory as the level of detail was catered to our abilities which again was greatly appreciated and confidence building.


I have been a climber since the mid 80s and have recently returned to climbing. My climber partner and I decided we needed to brush up on our multi-pitch skills and employed Angus to help us with this. From the start Angus listened carefully to what we thought we wanted to do and used his considerable skill and professionalism to help us work out what was best to do before we spent the weekend in North Wales. During the weekend we spent with Angus he was patient and very informative. The pace of learning was brisk, progressive and thorough. We were pushed and challenged with exactly the right amount of instruction to make fantastic progress. The second day saw us complete a multi-pitch climb with Angus watching as we climbed. He was supportive and very specific to our learning needs. Angus is a natural educator with a very approachable character. If you are a beginner or an experienced climber Angus will be able to help you go further and make more progress than you could on your own. I have deliberately written this not as a review but as a reference for a brilliant climbing instructor.

Neil S, Shropshire
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