Guiding + Instruction

Learn from an elite-level climber

It can be a little overwhelming navigating all the different types of climbing, so if you’re feeling lost, take a look at this brief guide to climbing.

Every course is tailored around you, so you can get the precise experience and development you’re looking for, but here are some ideas to get you started:

Experience Days

New to the outdoors?

Want to get a taste of the mountains before you join the tribe?

Great experience days or one-off sessions are available for groups or families visiting the area.

Beginner Courses

Whether you have adventures planned or just want to learn the ropes, you can start here from any experience level.

Beginner courses are a great way to get a taste of climbing, wherever you think it might take you.

Moving Outside

If you’ve learnt to climb indoors and want to get out onto rock, you can learn all the essentials for outdoor climbing here.

Guided Experiences

Just want to get out and have a climbing experience? Want to try something you wouldn’t try alone? Being guided allows you to have the climbing experience with all of the safety stuff done for you, so you can have the adventure from any experience level.

Learn to Lead Climb

Lead climbing is its own adventure and an important step to getting the most out of your climbing.

Whether it’s trad climbing or sport climbing, or indeed both, take the step to tying-in to the ‘sharp end’ of the rope.

Getting on lead usually requires two days of instruction.

Climbing Development

Progress in your climbing, break the barrier into the next grade or just improve on your efficiency. Learn advanced lead climbing techniques, efficient climbing strategies and even some expert tips and tricks that will push your climbing further.

Ladies learning rescue techniques at the 2019 Women's Trad Festival

Technical Instruction

Ever wondered if your belay-building is up to scratch? Or how rescue systems work? Thinking of taking the next step into multi-pitch or big-wall climbing?

Learn any number of technical skills here.

Kalymnos Climbing, thanks Kieran Duncan for the photo

Performance Coaching

Get the most out of your climbing.

Improving your performance not only pushing your climbing further in the grade, but improves your confidence and safety on the lead.

Whether you’re pushing your bouldering, trad or sport climbing performance, learn from an experienced climber and coach.

Hill Walking

Whether you’re looking for guided walks, navigation skills or confidence in the mountains, learn from my experience in the outdoors

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